Ashkan's Headshot

I am an interdisciplinary musician, scholar, and entrepreneur. I actively collaborate with scientists and artists to discover and then highlight untapped pathways of making and performing media art, which is evident in my creative and scholarly work.

I have created multimedia, electroacoustic, and instrumental pieces that have been commissioned and/or presented by premier festivals and ensembles in the US and internationally. I explore, develop, and implement new technologies and evolving direct marketing tools and seek ways to rejoin them to my oncoming creative works.

I have presented and published co-authored articles in various conferences and journals. My scholarly research focuses on the intersection of music cognition, technology, and creativity.

I hold a PhD in music with an emphasis on composition, pursued a year-long postdoctoral research assistantship in the field of auditory perception and physiology, and co-founded a media production company. I am currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Music and Digital Media at the New College of Florida.